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**Heart To Heart Newsletter - #1

By: Donna Heart

First of all, I want to tell you a little about myself. I am not shy about expressing how I feel, but never want anyone to be offended by that fact.

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 1990. It took over 7 years, and finding a doctor who looked at my symptoms as a WHOLE vs. individually. I suffered a major depression after losing my ability to work. I lost my self worth and pride. I felt like a failure as a single-mother, whereas I had previously been so proud of my energetic relationship with my daughter. I had been proud of my ability to work at large corporations, making the money needed to maintain a productive lifestyle for the two of us.

My depression and self-pity changed while watching the evening news early in 1996. The newscaster reported that Dr. Jack Kevorkian had used his expertise (assisting suicides) to help a young woman, in essence, commit suicide. She suffered from Fibromyalgia. This had a profound effect on me. It was then I realized that Fibromyalgia, could indeed, be fatal. I wanted to help others feeling desperate; hence I developed my Internet Survey. The response from the Fibromyalgia Community has been amazing.

I must admit my motives were not totally selfless when I began this project. I desperately needed to find a way to regain self worth. Then the picture became whole when I received one of first survey responses from a woman revealing that I had given her a sense of self worth! She said until my survey, that no one had EVER asked her how she felt about the changes Fibromyalgia introduced into her life! My goals turned totally toward wanting to help the Fibromyalgia Community. If I can spare one individual the experience of the severe depression I faced, then my work will be successful!!

As well as receiving and replying to surveys, I am in the process of entering all information accumulated into my Database Program. This will allow me to "sort and filter" information.

(Here are a few samples of what can be determined from my project... How many men responded to the survey... How many surveys mentioned suicide... Which location generated the most responses... How many people mentioned smoking pot as a form of pain relief... What are the personal "most common" theories people believe triggered Fibromyalgia... How many people mentioned using witchcraft as a means of therapy... How many marriages/relationships have dissolved due to the onset of Fibromyalgia... Which gender is diagnosed quicker... and the list will continue. I will be able to provide a wealth of information using the surveys received.

I am striving to have a "rough draft" for submission to potential publishers by the end of this summer - 1998. (I have already been contacted by two publishers. They have shown great interest in publishing my results.)

Please remember, I am working as diligently as possible on my book project due to my personal battle with Fibromyalgia.

I care, and I want to give the Fibromyalgia Community a positive, witty, and informative book to read.

Latest News Flash: The article from the Charlotte Observer surfaced in the San Diego Tribune the same day as the Super Bowl.

Previously, it had surfaced in several other newspapers on Thanksgiving Day 1997.

**Newsletter #1 - Written March 12, 1998 Other Newsletters will be published approximately every two months.

~Donna Heart (Internet Name)

Please feel free to contact me. Please use my Internet name:

Donna Heart
718 State Street
Lincolnton, North Carolina 28092

(704) 732-8032

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    ~Donna Heart


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